A collection of literature with “powerful ideas”, as Seymour Papert calls them:

Epistemology and Learning

  • Turkle, Sherry; Papert, Seymour (1992). “Epistemological Pluralism and Revaluation of the Concrete”. Journal of Mathematical Behavior 11.
  • Papert, S. (1980). Mindstorms: Children, computers, and powerful ideas. Basic Books, Inc.
  • Resnick, M. (2007, June). All I really need to know (about creative thinking) I learned (by studying how children learn) in kindergarten. In Proceedings of the 6th ACM SIGCHI conference on Creativity & cognition (pp. 1-6). ACM.
  • Kay, A. C. (1995). Powerful Ideas Need Love Too. Written remarks to a Joint Hearing of the Science Committee and the Economic and Educational and Opportunities Committee, available on the web at www. lcs. media. mit. edu/groups/el/events/love-too. html.


  • Resnick, M., & Silverman, B. (2005, June). Some reflections on designing construction kits for kids. In Proceedings of the 2005 conference on Interaction design and children (pp. 117-122). ACM.


  • Harouni, H. (2009). High school research and critical literacy: Social studies with and despite Wikipedia. Harvard Educational Review, 79(3), 473-493.

“Buzzword” Debunkers/ (Historical or Conceptual)

  • Livingstone, S., Van Couvering, E., & Thumim, N. (2008). Converging traditions of research on media and information literacies: Disciplinary, critical, and methodological issues. In J. Coiro, M. Knobel, C. Lankshear & D. J. Leu (Eds.), Handbook of research on new literacies (pp. 103-132). New York, NY: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.
  • Buckingham, D. (2003). Media education: Literacy, learning, and contemporary culture (p. P3). Cambridge: Polity Press.

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