The threads of my life come together in unexpected ways. I see it in bits and pieces, in things I read and think about. Philosophy, programming, epistemology and thinking about thinking….

Here’s an excerpt from David Black’s The Well-Grounded Rubyist :

The real world

“The term real world gets thrown around a lot in discussions of programming. There’s room for debate (and there is debate) as to whether this or that programming language, or even this or that kind of programming language, corresponds more closely than others to the shape of the real world. A lot depends on how you perceive the world. Do you perceive it as peopled with things, each of which has tasks to do and waits for someone to request the task? If so, you may conclude that object-oriented languages model the world best. Do you see life as a series of to-do items on a checklist, to be gone through in order? If so, you may see a strictly procedural programming language as having closer ties to the characteristics of the real world. In short, there’s no one answer to the question of what the real world is—so there’s no answer to the question of what it means for a programming language to model the real world. Nor is it necessarily as important an issue as it may seem. The world you construct in a computer program is at heart an imaginary world, and limiting yourself to making it seem otherwise can be overly constrictive. ” (pp 33-34)



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