Notes on “Passion”

In Joi Ito’s keynote, he emphasizes the importance of guiding kids (and older students) in finding their passions. I’ve been thinking about this concept of passion quite a bit. How does passion arise? And what part do adults, our environment and inherent talents play in passion?  I think it makes sense to encourage kids to find their passions. But there’s also something to be said for developing certain interests and skills that can then become passions.

I’ve tutored children whose parents lamented to me that their kids aren’t passionate about anything. And I wonder what kinds of feedback mechanisms we should build into their learning that helps them on their way. The process of helping people develop a passion might require some sort of semi-structured curriculum where different challenges and topics are introduced. I think that showing kids that they’ve done something well, or showing them how what they just did fits into a larger, more meaningful goal also play a large part in helping them feel “passionate” about a project. To me, the question of how we come to feel passionate about something and all the variables that play into “passion” is still quite mysterious


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