Invaluable Human Back-and-Forth

For the past week, I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to sync what feels like a million of moving parts. Each new forum post that I read to help me understand what virtual environments, file system hierarchies, servers, ports, shells and command lines are led me down another rabbit hole of confusion. Even the responses that I got the the questions that I posted (see below), just led to more questions. It wasn’t until I chatted with a developer over the phone, set up port forwarding and was able to watch him take control of my bash shell (and ask him lots and lots of questions while he showed me how a professional manipulates all these moving parts) that I began to understand. Forums and self-learnings are great. But I find that being able to talk to an expert, watch what he does and stop him to ask questions is KEY to being able to understand some of this stuff. I finally feel like I’ve grabbed a hold of some of these moving parts and can navigate a bit better. I came to feel really anxious and frustrated about all of this development stuff. Those 1.5 hours of human back-and-forth talking time were incredibly valuable. I feel relief.


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