Why this blog? Motivation and Goals

I studied philosophy in college. I’m used to learning theory and reflecting on concepts before delving into them. But it seems that learning to program requires a different strategy. Developers tell me that “getting your hands dirty” is essential to learning. And so this blog is an attempt to reflect on my learning progress and study strategies for e-learning and online communities. It’s a way for me to organize my learning strategy, reflect on what’s helping me and what isn’t and refine my approach. This blog will serve as a:

  • Tool: Use it as a way to make my learning strategy and progress explicit, thereby helping me refine and improve it
  • Self-reflection: Reflect on my frustrations, feelings, habits while learning something really hard
  • Study of online/self-learning:¬†Reflect on what it means to “self-teach” in an online environment with a ton of resources and lots of people trying to figure out how education and learning is supposed to work
  • Study of collaborative cultures/web development community: Explorations about how online communities and collaborations work

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