Development Tools

One of the developers on my team told me the normal development setup goes something like this (usually day 1 at job):

Create a virtualenv, initialize it
Clone repository to that virtualenv
Install dependencies (packages our software depends on)
Install database (Postgres)
Grab a copy of the database from staging or production, load it in
Run development server locally

He also  made a list of development tools for me:

Package Management for OSX
Homebrew (a PMS for OSX)

Version Control
Git (a distributed version control system)
Sourcetree (a GUI for Git)
Package Management for Python
pip (a wrapper around some module bundled with setuptools)
PyPI (where pip looks for dependencies)
Other Stuff
 (see this link for how pip and the virtualenv work:
virtualenv (tool for creating isolated Python environments)
virtualenvwrapper (extends virtualenv’s features to make it easier to manage multiple envs)
django (python web framework for perfectionists with deadlines)
postgreSQL (database)

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